Summer Camp

Aata-Galata summer camp

Welcome to the third edition of Aata-Galata summer camp. After two fabulous years, this year we bring you an extended summer camp, with more activities, more flexiblity, but the same old galata. Some things will not change, like the Arts & Craft sessions covering so much – quilling, jewellery making, origami, paper craft, utility craft, clay, drawing, colouring

Experiential Science

As last time, we will have simple and creative experiments, so that science can be experienced and understood experientially.

Theatre and Languages

.. as also theater and role play, getting children involved and immersed in our insightful and fascinating literature. This time we plan to deepen and strengthen our Sanskrit learning, with dedicated sessions for the same. Sanskrit is elegant, precise, uplifting and would help with diction and grammar – help strengthen learning of other Indian languages. And introduce spoken kannada, connecting children to the local community and heritage. They should be able to speak the local language, shouldn’t they ? And those who know it can get better at it.

What is new

Creative Maths

We are going to try our hand at creative maths, and yes, attempt the impossible, get children excited at Maths.

A hand at flute :)

We plan to introduce an option for learning flute, for children who are interested (Carnatic style) – why flute? Because it is so hard to find flute classes, at the same time it is a nice melodious soothing instrument, helps improve lung capacity and so compact to carry around. If sufficient children get interested, we can have this on a weekly basis. This is applicable only for children greater than 8 yrs., and will be conducted only if there are sufficient enrolments

Kids Yoga

More into sports and fitness, kids yoga in our yoga hall in a fun way, for all those who have caught the yoga bug.

How about some outdoor fun

We will have facility to play cricket, basketball, soccer, kabbadi, kho-kho... yes it is summer, but we played all day long in summer, when we were kids. Shouldnt our children get a healthy dose of vitamin D and not be the worse for it ?. For children who want something milder, there are many traditional games, not so competitive and tiring and can be fun too. Plus a well equipped play area, climbers, tree climbing etc. will ensure your young ones get away from that ipad/iphone, at least during the camp.

Out of Ordinary - Artistic gymnasitcs

Something out of the ordinary. The plan is to have artistic gymnastics – yes the kind of gymnastics that you drool over at the olympics. But do not worry, your kids will nto be doing “that” flip anytime soon. Just get them introduced and if they like it, we can look at doing something long term. Minimum age is 5 yrs and again minimum number of children need to be enrolled.

A soothing touch - mother nature

And finally some soothing connect with nature ... how about getting children to grow their own vegetables ...