Our Team

Namaste. My name is Suhas and I am one of the founding team members behind this. Breifly my story is thus – I was born in 1971 when my parents were settled in Pune, where I did most of my education. I was pretty poor in studies early school, but mysteriously improved towards high school, eventually getting a merit seat in Government College of Engineering Pune. The trend continued as I had a university rank by the time I graduated. I got selected to the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. From there I launched my career as a electronic design engineer in the semiconductor industry, with my first job in Texas Instruments, a niche technical job. I totally drowned in it for 7 yrs, moving up the technical ladder, many ideas and 6 US patents to credit and few. papers in leading international conferences as well. From here I moved to a more engineer-manager kind of role, starting VLSI teams for multiple companies, and this time rising up the management ladder upto a Director role in an MNC. My last company where I worked full time was Broadcom. At that time, I moved out because I wanted to do something I believed in, and not just for money's sake.

My other interest is yoga, health and spirituality. I started yoga early, not really out of choice :) but now after 30 odd years I am getting to like it. In high school was fascinated by football, but it did not translate to being that good at it. That I almost got selected to our college football team is my claim to fame. I do consult occasionally in my engineering profession for old time's sake.

Namaste. My name is Kavitha and I too am one of the founding members behind this. I am an in and out a Bangalorite, never having moved out except for brief trips on the job. Born in 1978, since a young child, I had been very much interested in crafts and spent hours and hours doing all kinds of stuff. Other than the regular schooling, I was pushed into and got deeply interested in Bharatnatyam, spending 11 long years training and doing shows. Eventually, my parents put a stop believing it was affecting my studies :(. I did do well, securing a state rank in SSC, but I believe I would have done so even if I had continued my dancing :). From then on moved to being an electronics Engineer at BIT.. But with the crowd I landed a software job at Wipro for 6 yrs. Then moved as a project lead to Covansys, which was taken over by CSC. After spending time in the corporate world for 8 yrs, I decided to quit when I had my first child. I just had to spend time with her :)

After two children and a gap of 7 yrs, I took up a years teaching assignment at Prakriya Green Wisdom school. It was a very good all round experience, and I am richer in my ability to understand and teach children for it. Even prior to that I used to take craft classes for children (where we first used the name chilli pilli makkla koota :), and conduct summer camps. I also have an interest in fitness and have taken aerobics classes on and off. In the last few years I have been regularly attending classical music classes and I enjoy spending time listening to and practicing classical songs. I also love doing handicrafts, designer cloth bags and quilling earrings being my specialty.

Namaste, My name is Soumya Holla. When I first heard of this pre-school, I knew I had to be a part of it. It is something I totally connected to. Born in 1978 in a Brahmanical family in midst of temples, religion and paddy fields, I have realised the value of both, being with nature and observing religious tenets. Higher ambition needs to be rooted in culture of the land to give stability during growing up. I am happy to have raised my both children without compromising traditional values and culture. Maintaining the useful advances of modern living, but differentiating and controlling those which corrupt children and lead to an unhealthy life style has been my focus. So I am particular that children don't spend time in front of TV or media, they play a whole lot, have good home made food and no junk food, keep to the natural rhythms in eating, sleeping, playing etc. Respect to elders and prayers are some basic foundation which should be present in kids. I do believe this has paid off, with one child being a state level gymnast and the other being selected for the national shooting team, without loosing out on academics. More importantly, they also follow religous tenets and do so with understanding.

Namaste. My name is Sowmya Harish. Born in 1993, in Kolar district, I got married soon after my education. After my second child I did a full time 1 year Montessori course. I love to work with children and believe am patient and practical while dealing with them. This school was an opportunity I was looking forward to. In addition to English, Kannada and Hindi, I also have reasonable fluency in Telugu.

Consultants and Advisors

Archana for Montessori Education

Archana started her career in 1997 and has about 20 years of experience in the field of Montessori Pre Primary education. A graduate in Home Science, she discovered that she loved working with children. With that passion she acquired an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) certification Diploma. She started her own Montessori House of Children in 1999. She offers herself as a consultant and shares her vast experience with other schools and she represents the Indian Montessori Center (IMC, K) by being in the school recognition committee.

Archana consults us on all aspects of the school, but in particular on the Montessori method.

Prathima for Syllabus

Prathima is an M.Sc. In Counseling and Psychotherapy, where she counsels parents, students and is a behavior therapist for learning disabilities. Born in 1973, she did her Montessori course in the year 2009 and joined Kidzee in Chennai as a teacher. She became academic coordinator int he year 2012-13. As part of her job, she worked on the syllabus as part of an ongoing process. She worked on different ways to ensure every child understands the concept and supervised teachers on teaching methods and syllabai. She also was available for counseling children, parents and even grandparents. She motivated teachers and helpers to ensure a positive environment in the center.

Prathima is available for discussion. She helps set the multilingual curriculum for our pre-school.