Our approach is an integrated and interleaved learning process. We both compartmentalize and integrate. For example, if one has to teach numbers, we spend time teaching numbers directly. We also approach it differently, say during games, for example, jump 5 times so the learning gets reinforced. Or during arts session, by asking leading questions and while working with materials and so on. We will also work with a mixed age group environment.

We value conceptual learning over information overload. Once a person learns to read and write, they can always pick up all the information they want. So as an example, we do not see too much value in them knowing the flags of countries around the world. Or what different species of elephants reside in different countries around the world. As casual information tidbits these are OK, but are not central to the learning process. We rather use that time to get a deeper feel for numbers or shapes or better fluency in language, or drawing or even just playing. Similarly, at this level we value the child being able to develop phonetic associations rather than insist on spellings, which are non-intuitive in any case.

We understand that learning happens all the time. Home. School. Community. Playground. That we are only part partners in the journey. Children by the time they come to pre-school typically have a good command over the mother tongue, without the need for formal education. Learning happens during instruction, but also in the absence of instruction. We value free unstructured time to help develop the child to become more independent and more self-driven. Home is also a place where a lot of learning happens and we encourage the parents to be engaged with the child constructively. We would share what we are teaching so that it is a continuous process and not a segregated one.

Our style is not to be too rigid. Not have a minute to minute or day to day plan. Instead teachers have a broad framework of what the child needs to learn and the teachers are free to creatively use the materials and time to get it across. We do however have a baseline to which we will do informal assessments periodically, to make sure the child is somewhat on track.

Academically speaking, we roughly maintain the expectation that is being set by the pre-schools, so that the child is able to integrate smoothly into any class one school. If anything, we may go a little slower on writing, especially English writing. See our 2017 Annual presentation (under presentations tab) for more details on this. However, depending on individual parents expectations, we can tailor the childes learning and give special focus, especially during the last year of our pre- school. As long as parents our broadly aligned, we can individualise and try to meet expectations

We do maintain the capability of running a full fledged Montessori system, both in terms of material and expertise. However, as mentioned above, we do not plan to be limited to it and use it intelligently.

What is the alignment we are looking for --

  • Growth should be a holistic process (Panchakosha -> All 5 dimensions -> Physical body (strength, endurance,agility), Energy, Mind (emotions, sensory ... music, arts), Intellect (maths, critical thinking, problem solving skills), Spiritual (be happy) With this in mind, we work on different dimensions, with materials, arts, songs, music, games, free play, crafts, story telling etc.
  • Children should be multilingual and getting them better at their own language, local language is also a focus area
  • Free play & unstructured time is also valuable. Children should spend time outdoors and with nature. Playing with mud, minor bruises are part of growing up and one should not become overly restrictive.
  • Holistic, healthy life style is important. Good healthy food, no to junk food, Timely habits of eating and sleeping. Keep away from TV/media to ensure kids remain fresh and energetic and enthusiastic about their daily life and have better attention spans. These basics may be a tall order in todays world :) and may not be 100% possible, but at least if you value it and are willing to work on it, then we can work together.

If you are interested, please join in for a conversation.