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Currently we are running phonics programmes for elder children We also have Yoga classes for adults.

Program : Language for Life

The purpose behind this program is to build fluency in language. What is the level of fluency that we want to take the child to? As an analogy, suppose we want to teach somebody cycling. The person learns a little a day, say to walk with the cycle, to hop a little bit ..etc Now for some reason this learning cycling has been discontinued. Now the person restarts learning after a few months. That learning in the past is not of much use and one has to restart the learning. This will go on. However once assume that the person does learn cycling completely and starts cycling around everywhere. Person gets very comfortable cycling. Now you take a gap for 1 year, 2years, 5 years. This time . after how much ever time the person goes back to cycling she will do it effortlessly. We need not teach her all over again. There is a  threshold beyong which you are done, you have a very firm grip on a particular skill.

Similar is the case with language. The level after which there is no falling back, is when they can read very easily and comfortably. If they can take any book, story book or scientific book or news paper and read it in a way that they easily understand it they have reached the level of fluency that will carry them for life.

The 'Language for Life' program attempts to build the level of language fluency of the student to that level. We start from phonetics where they develop an insight into how words are formed or how to decode spellings. This builds the speed and confidence in reading words. We gradually build the ability and the confidence to venture into sentences and then more complex paragraphs focusing on reading comprehension at each step.

The presumption is they know the oral language, at least to a certain degree. With reading, the vocabulary will develop,over time the language will also develop. This programis not so much about grammar but more on the ability to read and also convey what one wants to express in writing. Once the ability to read fluently develops and read with understanding, the grammar rules and all are secondary.

Which are the languages we are covering? We are covering all languages. Ofcourse, English is covered, but there are very good reasons that your child should be very good at Indian languages as well. There are too many advantages of it.See our wesite ( for it. We will cover the child's mother tongue, Kannada as local language, Hindi and whatever other Indian languages you or the child may be interested in. So it is best the program is utilized for multiple languages.

The program will be continuously running till the child has picked the 'language for life' in the languages of interest and then it is done.This is an after school program. It is an interactive program and not very "classroom style". IT is a free running program which runs daily. It can take anywhere between few months to more than a year , depending on the current level, how much is needed to be improved and the child's capability.

This is a foundational skill, because once she/he can read with understanding, then even other subjects should become easier to study. A good book is all that is required and the child has the ability to grasp it through self-study

 Timings : Monday to Friday : 6pm to 7pm ( except on holidays) Children can come 1/2 hr earlier and play in the adjoining park

Venue : Chilli Pilli School ( No 2678, 31st Main, 13 th Cross , Sector 1 , HSR  Layout Bangalore

Languages Covered : English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati [ for others.. please request]

Age Group : 7 to 12 yrs

For pricing and other information - contact  87-621-73-621, 9964-08-081

Note : This is a free running program, which to a large extent would be individualised. Child can join in at anytime and can leave after proficiency is achieved. If the children miss classes because of schedule conflict it is ok. However if they miss too many classes then their learning slows down. They pay only for classes they come for.

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