Chili Pili Publications Thirsty Crow

The famous story of the thirsty crow is presented in an easy to read format for the budding genius who is just learning to read. The dual oanel mode will help them progress from a beginner to intermediary level by expanding on ideas and forming word associations. Moreover, additional activities at the end of the book will help the child exercise his imagination and reinforce their learnings.

Ideal for age groups 3+.

Detailed Product Description

This well known story is presented in a dual panel mode to enables children who have just begun to read can read from the picture panel and children who had gained confidence in their reading ability can read from the story panel. The book helps in getting children familiar with everyday words and their spellings in addition to paving a solid foundation on reading. The spelling building challenges and other fun activities included in the book will help them boost memory and remembering words, and spellings.