Safety @ chilli pilli

While normal play and bruises are and should be part of daily life of every growing child, we take particular care that there are no serious injuries. Some of the measures we have done are -

  1. Mandatory safety training for all staff. We have certified professionals come and give safety training on various safety aspects – like injuries, head injuries, fractures, insect and snake bites, swooning, cuts and bruises, CPR etc.
  2. The whole staircase is padded. Children actually love moving between classes and breaks. And we do want children to become independent as early as possible. To make it safe, we have worked on multiple designs and come up with our own solution, where every staircase and edge is padded with 1-inch thick rubber. These are further layered with anti-skid matting, so the chance of slipping is reduced. These are colour coded as well, so the staircase end is clearly visible. Plus railings at all levels to ensure little children also have something to catch. The upper part is netted, so children do not climb the staircase railings. To our knowledge, this level of precaution has not been taken anywhere else.
  3. We use RO water purifier for our water.
  4. We allow children to enjoy themselves in the sand play area, playground and make their hands muddy. Children should be and grow with nature is part of our core philosophy. However, before every meal, compulsory washing of hands with organic soap and water.
  5. The front gate is locked and restricted entry during school hours
  6. Sharp edges at walls are foam or rubber padded. Plus our stone benches are rubber padded too.
  7. Fumigation is done every morning with neem leaves and dry leaves for deterring mosquitoes.
  8. Snake safety netting > 6ft high at the boundary. We have ensured there are no gaps in the boundary wall for the snakes to enter.
  9. Selective padding is done under swings and climbers, so even  if there is a fall, there is not much injury.

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