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Every parent is concerned if they are providing their child with the best schooling experience. With schools competing to fill in their classrooms and edtech players enticing parents with shortcuts to academic excellence, are the children getting what they really need to prepare them to achieve success in real life? Suhas Kulhalli takes a deep dive into the Indian schooling system and gauge its effectiveness on child development. Attend the webinar for a new perspective on schooling and how to craft your child’s education to build a lifelong aptitude to succeed.


Suhas is an innovator and problem solver whose current passion is to reform early education for children. Prior to this education venture, he did pioneering work in low power semiconductors, resulting in 6 US patents and has presented his work in the topmost international conferences. He is a Masters from Indian Institute of Science. In his career spanning two decades, he built Semiconductor Design teams for multinationals and startups on multiple occassions. Having travelled and interacted with top tier researchers and innovators in 3 continents, interviewed 100's of candidates from IIT's and reputed Engineering colleges, mentored many engineers into successful and rewarding careers, he has an insider view into what it takes to make a person successful globally.